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Email Server Examination

Test your POP3, IMAP, or SMTP email hosting server for supply and also efficiency. Fill out the application below throughpicking the web server kind as well as entering into the web server address. Customer title and code are extra and also no login or directly identifiable information will be actually retained after the test is actually operated.

Having email concerns? Evaluate your mail web server for the upcoming thirty day along withour complimentary mail server surveillance. Register to develop a mail server monitoring manuscript in less than 1 moment.

Online Email Web Server Testing

Use this prompt and effortless valid email address screening tool to find out whether several aspects of your email web server are working. Whether you would like to test Substitution connectivity or some other type of email hosting server, this email screening tool are going to carry out a connection examination utilizing the email process you point out.

The Dotcom-Monitor email tester simply demands the email hosting server address, a valid username, and security password. You likewise need to have to define whichprocess you are making an effort to examination: STAND OUT, IMAP or SMTP.

POP 3 Examination

POP 3 – Postal Service Method, at times referred to simply as POP, is actually a simple process used to fetchmessages coming from an email web server.

IMAP Relationship Exam

IMAP – Web Notification Accessibility Procedure, takes email methods a step even more by applying a means to handle a mailbox from several tools, thereby leaving behind the information on the web server to be gotten later coming from one more client.

SMTP Test Resource

Our free of cost resource is a straightforward and also easy to use SMTP tester-choose this option to do an SMTP check.

SMTP – Simple Mail Transport Process, is actually the business specification for sending email to distant bodies. While it is true that SMTP is actually the typical protocol to send out email that performs certainly not indicate it is an unique process. For example, Microsoft Swap connection within Microsoft devices possesses an extra method phoned MAPI along witha separate function to do mobile information synchronization phoned ActiveSync.

Testing SSL Email Security

The ability to use file encryption must also be defined if you want to properly link to an email hosting server. If enabled, the resource is going to negotiate along withyour server to find out whether SSL or TLS will be utilized to create connectivity to the email account. If you are not sure whether your server demands SSL or even TLS file encryption, you can make an effort running this exam withsecurity turned on in addition to off to calculate the appropriate setups.

Exchange Web Server Testing

Microsoft Substitution Hosting server is a robust email web server extensively used by bothlocal business along withbig organizations. A Swap test can be executed making use of a number of various methods. Along withour straightforward Exchange test device you can quickly inspect Swap mail box connection throughSMTP, POP, IMAP or ActiveSync.

Email Hosting Server Test Results

Test results include numerous dimensions including timeframe to connection and also success or breakdown condition. If there is actually a breakdown, the inaccuracy codes and inaccuracy summaries are actually displayed in the test outcome.

The email web server exam results are actually displayed coming from over twenty various locations worldwide. This global system supplies knowledge in to details email servers that may possess connection issues.

Common Questions Concerning Email Hosting Server Checking

Is this test safeguard? While our team carry out certainly not save your private details on our web servers, our experts advise a greatest method of setting up a specialized account on your email server for uptime and also availability surveillance. Throughthis you perform not have to think about personal info being actually weakened when you are performing an examination.

Do you watchthe information of emails on the web server being assessed? These specific exams do certainly not download any type of email coming from your mail web server. If you are actually trying to find more advanced screening that enables you to eachsend email and recover email from your hosting server, mimicing a genuine user in the device, at that point you ought to try our round trip surveillance. If you have a Microsoft Swap email web server then you ought to join a cost-free trial of our ActiveSync monitoring.

How perform I examine a Substitution Web server? Exchange sustains all three protocols, POP3, IMAP and also SMTP. If your Swap supervisor has allowed POP or IMAP, you ought to manage to examine all of them. SMTP is the requirement for domain to domain communication. If you understand that your association utilizes ActiveSync, then you may take advantage of a totally free 30 test of Substitution ActiveSync tracking.

Advanced Email Web Server Evaluating and Continuous Monitoring

If you are interested in receiving even more detailed end results, trending files and continuous monitoring of your email hosting servers, at that point you might be interested in trying a totally free thirty day trial of the Dotcom-Monitor email hosting server tracking system. The tracking platform enables you to setup routine monitoring coming from as little as when every 3 hours to a regular as when a min. You may set up day-to-day as well as every week records that outline the efficiency of your hosting server eventually in addition to observe trends making use of the innovative graphes as well as charts. You may even create timeout thresholds in order that you receive alerts if a display ever requires to long to complete or even if a mistake is sensed from among over 20 places all over the world.

We additionally have the capability to bothsend an email as well as check out to pull the email off your server in one test using either Microsoft ActiveSync or round trip SNMP to STAND OUT or even IMAP.

Round Vacation Email Keeping Track Of Resource

Round journey email monitoring gives the extra worthof understanding that consumers all over the world may certainly not just properly connect to your hosting server but they can easily bothsend emails as well as obtain email coming from their inbox. The method additionally immediately removes e-mails delivered within this way to ensure your inbox does certainly not end up being littered withinformation.

ActiveSync Tracking Tool

ActiveSync is an one-of-a-kind information synchronization resource for Microsoft Exchange connection that allows you to sync valid email address, calls and also schedules. Utilizing Dotcom-Monitor Swap ActiveSync surveillance you can hook up to a Swap web server utilizing ActiveSync from another location to make certain users all over the world have the ability to eachsync, deliver and also acquire e-mails utilizing the ActiveSync procedure.